My friend and German translator Jörg W. Rademacher has collaborated with the French poet Yves Broussard from Marseille and artist Oliver Soskice to produce a bestiary-calendar for 2013. It’s in three languages: French-German the recto, French-English the verso with Oliver Soskice, an artist from Cambridge, doing pen drawings in black and white. A limited number have been published and some of these are available to purchase – see details below.

Hors commerce, il a été tirée de cet ouvrage une édition numérotée de I à X.

Not for sale are ten copies with Roman numerals I to X. Nicht zum Verkauf bestimmt sind römisch numerierte Exemplare I bis X.

Maintenant/Now/Ab sofort

Disponible chez/Available with/Verfügbar bei

€ 12.95 + port/emballage; pp; Porto/Verpackung

Dr. Jörg W. Rademacher, Fasanenstr. 8, D-26789 Leer