In a press statement on Sept 14th, which coincided with the submission of his affidavit to a Belfast Court, Ed Moloney outlined his view of his Belfast Project debacle (“summarizing the essential facts”) and then states that what he has just written proves that he was not out to ‘Get Gerry Adams’. He said: “Incidentally all this nails the lie that the Belfast Project was established to “Get Gerry Adams” as people like Niall O’Dowd and Danny Morrison have alleged. As this episode demonstrates, no interviewees were ever put under pressure to implicate him or anyone else in IRA activity.”

But writing on his blog between October 18th and 22nd Moloney, in an exchange with Walter Ellis [formerly a feature writer for the Daily and Sunday Telegraph] unthinkingly, reveals that getting Adams was part of his sham historic project!

MOLONEY: Ah Walter! I had thought you dead and gone. Never a losing cause, just keeping my promise to people. If I do have an obsession it is with outing liars, which is why I write about Lance Armstrong! There is another outrageous liar with whom we are both familiar, me perhaps more than you. Wears a beard and used to puff on a pipe a lot. Write about him too. Suspect he may be heading for an Armstrong-like denouement as well.

WALT ELLIS: I’m not dead yet. It just feels that way. I hope you’re not suggesting that a certain one-time barkeep, for whom power was the ultimate performance-enhancing drug, will one day soon be stripped of his many titles.

MOLONEY:  a former barkeep with a power complex? who could you possibly be talking about?